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Support for Reducing Costs to Set Up Business

O-BIC Support Program for Foreign Companies -Fiscal 2020-

1. Purpose of Program

For the Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC) to promote investment in Osaka, the O-BIC Support Program for Foreign Companies aims to support foreign companies that have decided to set up a base of business operations in Osaka Prefecture, by alleviating the burden through reduction of part of the costs to be paid by such foreign companies.

2. Companies Eligible for Support

Eligibility is restricted to those foreign companies (with one third or more foreign capital percentages) that set up a new head office or branch in Osaka during the period from April 1st 2020 to March 31st 2021, assisted by O-BIC or other local municipalities.

3. Applicable Costs

Concerning the following costs** to be paid to Supporting Companies* registered with O-BIC for their services offered before the establishment of a new head office or branch, the costs designated by O-BIC are provided with the actually required costs as the maximum amount:

  1. Expenses for obtaining registration: 100,000 yen per applicant
  2. Expenses for obtaining status of residence***: 50,000 yen per applicant
  • * “Supporting Companies” are those companies, organizations or individuals registered with O-BIC as ones who are capable of offering foreign companies required support for their entry into Japan to establish a presence to do business.
  • ** Costs not applicable are:
    Those costs that are unconnected with the services offered by Supporting Companies such as; expenses to be paid to governmental or public offices etc.
    Expenses involving financial support (like subsidy) from any other parties.
    Any other expenses considered by O-BIC to be inapplicable.
  • *** Support funds for obtaining the status of residence are provided only when application for Certificate of Eligibility is submitted within a month after the registration of the company.This condition is inapplicable to any application made anytime past March 31st 2021.
  • **** Individuals apply only to above mentioned 3-1.
  • ***** Support funds are provided only within the set budget.

4. Matters to Pay Attention to, for Receiving Support

  • Support funds are not paid for any new head office or branch that is not established by March 31st 2021.
  • The only applicable costs are those expenses paid, by March 31st 2021.
  • Regarding the establishment of a new office or branch, circumstances concerned with procedures for registrations, permits or notifications are comprehensively considered.

5. Payment of Support Fund

Support funds are paid to an applicant after a head office or branch is established and the necessary procedures (submission of required reports, confirmation of expense payments, etc.) are completed.

6. Confirmation of Payments

O-BIC staffers will visit the company to check through the originals of relevant contracts, bills, statements, receipts or other documents. If such confirmation is not made, support fund cannot be paid.

7. Alteration in Application for Support

For alteration in the initial application for the Support Program, another application for such alteration is required. Such applicant is asked to contact O-BIC for details. However, some minor alterations may not require that procedure.

8. Language to be Used in Applications or Other Documents

Applications or other documents must be completed in Japanese or English.

9. Please Note

  • Applications are accepted on the understanding that the support fund recipient's name and the amount of support fund may be made public without the recipient's prior consent.
  • Any recipients who make a false statement or misrepresentation on the application form or on any accompanying documents will be demanded to pay back the fund.

10. Process of Procedures

Process of Procedures

The straight-line rectangles on the right of the pages indicate the steps to be taken by support fund recipients. These steps must be taken in time before the closing dates. The dotted-line ones are for O-BIC to do.

(1) Prior consultation

Prior consultation is required before application.

(2) Application for support fund

Application must be submitted as soon as possible, once the decision is made to set up a head office or branch.

Documents to be submitted
  • Application form
  • Plan of business (Data(1))
  • Plan of services to receive from Supporting Companies (Data(2))
  • Data as a base of cost addition like relevant estimates
  • Data showing the outline of parent company (Certified copy of registration or operating license, etc)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the investor or the representative of Osaka if the investment is made by the individuals
(3) Screening / Approval for Support

Screening of applications is conducted and the outcome will be informed to applicants.
To those who passed the screening, ‘notification of support approval’ will be sent.

(4) Determination of amount of support funds

Based on the application documents and the report on commissioned matters from the service providers concerned (O-BIC Supporting Companies), the amount of support fund is determined.

(5) Establishment of a head office or branch

O-BIC must be informed so when a new head office or branch is established.

(6) Report on recipient's support-related results

Within one month from the date of establishment of a head office or branch, support fund recipient must submit a report on the recipient’s support-related results.

Documents to be submitted
  • Report on support recipient’s support-related results
  • Report on newly established business in Osaka (Data③)
  • Report on services received from Supporting Companies (Data(4))
  • Vouchers like copies of bills, statements, receipts etc.
  • (Those who apply for the expenses for acquiring the status of residence) Copy of application acceptance slips given at the time of acceptance
  • Data showing the foreign investment (Overseas remittance letter etc)
  • Copy of notification to Bank of Japan on possession of stocks/shares based on the Foreign Exchange Control Act (direction on internal direct investment)
  • Copy of company articles (statutes)
  • Certified copy of body corporate register (certification of all past record)

(Note)O-BIC may require additional data/documents depending on the circumstances.

(7) Confirmation of payments

Confirmation is required to make sure that support-related payments are properly made.

(8) Payment of support funds

Support funds are paid into a bank account in Japan specified by the applicant.

  1. Additional data/documents are necessary if the payment routine is not above mentioned method.
  2. The contents of the details of ‘O-BIC Support Program for Foreign Companies’ are subject to change.

11. Applications and Inquiries to

Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC)
Tel: +81-(0)6-6944-6298 Fax: +81-(0)6-6944-6293

‘O-BIC Support Program for Foreign Companies -Fiscal 2020-’ (PDF :751KB)